G9.Ch1: Text Logo – change the font size in Dreamweaver


  1. click on the + next to the Site folder to expand and view it's contents
  2. click on the + next to the logo folder to expand and view it's pages
  3. double click on the sifr-config.js page to open the page in the editing (design) window

  4. locate the font-size property located in the green code on line #9 ( example: font-size:90px; )

  5. change the font size to a new round number (example: font-size:60px;) to make the font smaller

  6. save then preview a web page to determine if this font size will work
  7. continue tweaking / saving and previewing until the logo font size is something that will work for you
  8. look further down line #9 to find an alternate font-size style for non-hyperlinked logo text, and change accordingly ( you won't see this change in your page, unless you've removed the hyperlink from your logo )


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