G9.Ch1: Text Logo – change the font color in Dreamweaver


  1. click on the + next to the Site folder to expand and view it's contents
  2. click on the + next to the logo folder to expand and view it's pages
  3. double click on the sifr-config.js page to open the page in the editing (design) panel

  4. locate the color: property located in the green code on line #9 ( example: color: #68682B; )

  5. type in a new 'HEX' color, and don't forget to include the '#' sign at the beginning and the ';' at the end .. as in … ( #68682b; )
  6. as this is a javascript file, and not a CSS file, you may need to create the HEX color in another program or site first, and copy that information into the sifr-config.js page
  7. to create your own HEX color, try (http://kuler.adobe.com ) .. click on the Create link on the home page, and use the color wheel to create your color.. then copy the 'HEX' color into the sifr-config.js page

  8. there is a secondary HEX color, this color is used when the logo is 'moused over' or the technical term is 'hover' look further to the right on line #9 and find ( .sIFR-root a:hover { color: #ffffff;} ) this is the HEX color for the mouse hover.. change to a lighter or darker color


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