G9.Ch1: Add your own graphic logo in Microsoft


prep: review the lessons on working with graphics, and importing files .. then import your logo into your websites (Site / logo) folder.


Please Note: “Include-files” referenced in this tutorial will now be found within the Library/expression-fp/logos/ folder.



  1. import your logo into the websites Site / logo folder
  2. click on the + next to the Library folder to expand and view it’s contents
  3. click on the + next to the expression-fp to expand and view it’s pages
  4. double click on the logo_graphic.htm page to open the page in the editing (design) window
  5. click on the + next to the Site folder to expand and view it’s contents
  6. click on the + next to the logo to expand and view it’s files
  7. locate your graphic logo image in your logo folder ( or the folder you imported the graphic into if not the logo folder )
  8. drag the image from the logo folder onto the ‘logo_graphic.htm‘ page
  9. right click on the new image, and selectPicture Properties…
  10. in the Alternate Text: field, type in your website name to be used for screen readers

**Important** We don’t want the image to be formatted by your web editor.. some Microsoft web editors may change the text formatting by applying a Paragraph tag to your new image… you can manually remove the Paragraph formatting if this happens

  1. click on the logo graphic with your mouse to select it
  2. click on the Formatting Menu then change the Paragraph formatting to

  3. click on the Save button


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